Durable cover for a longer service life.

Reap the benefits of our protective dirt-repelling cover for actuation cylinders right now. This is the perfect way to protect your tractor brakes from the harsh conditions they are exposed to every day in the field. The cover keeps deposits and residues safely away from the brakes, saving maintenance costs and keeping you always prepared for the toughest jobs, day or night.

KNOTT VORTEX is the “E-brake magnet” at the CEMAT 2016

“Whether existing customers or new contacts: the feedback we received about our extended product range was positive across the board,“ reports Richard Hamberger, responsible for sales and application engineering at KNOTT, summing up the company’s performance at the CEMAT 2016.

Alongside its classic drum brakes, disc brakes and multi-disc brakes, KNOTT now also offers a product which is in ever increasing demand in the forklift truck market: Electromagnetic brakes in a variety of designs – but most importantly in the accustomed KNOTT standard of quality. Continue reading