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KNOTT wet multi-disc brakes

Oil-cooled multi disc brakes made by Knott function according to the ball ramp principle and are available as multi and mono servo versions. Actuation can take place using the pressure wedge, tension wedge or pull tab principle. Various friction material qualities, the number of discs, as well as differing ramp and wedge angles allow for a wide range of variants. Braking performance and braking comfort can be fine tuned to meet the demands of any vehicle.
Combined with Knott actuation cylinders, service brakes as well as parking and auxiliary brakes may be designed that are manually actuated, power assisted or use a power braking system. Not only mechanical or hydraulic but also hydraulic-mechanical and combined spring-loaded cylinder actuation are possible. This allows not only a pure parking or service brake function but also combinations of service and parking or auxiliary braking functions.


Wet multi disc brakes are mainly used in agricultural tractors, harvesting machines, forestry machines and construction machines.

Available sizes:
Tension version dia. 5,6″ to 9.5″
Pressure version dia. 6,5″ to 16″

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