KNOTT drum brakes

KNOTT drum brakes basic systems

A drum brake is not always a drum brake. And certainly not when made by KNOTT. We draw on our basic range and develop exactly the right brake solution you need. To put it another way: We make your brake.

Cam brakes

Cam brakes

Robust cam brakes offer the advantage that they are operated not only mechanically by use of external cylinders, but also hydraulically or pneumatically. The combination of a service and a parking brake is thus made possible.

Cam brakes are mainly used as parking brakes. But they may also be found in trailers with pneumatic brake systems, where they act as a combined service and parking brake in an S-cam version.

Available sizes: Ø 115mm – Ø 500mm
Breaking torques: up to 35,000 Nm

Hydraulic simplex

Hydraulic Simplex brakes

Simplex brakes use a fixed support at the bottom. This enables a zero-play parking brake function. Another advantage is the constant coefficient, making for good controllability.

The hydraulic simplex brake is the most common brake. It is used in almost all applications.

Available sizes: Ø 160mm – Ø 500mm
Breaking torques: up to 25,000Nm

Hydraulic servo

Hydraulic servo brakes

Servo brakes are characterised by a movable support (usually on the lower surface), over which the frictional force of the leading brake shoe is transmitted to the trailing brake shoes. This design allows and ensures low operating forces and high breaking torques.

Servo brakes are used where large masses need to be braked, and where installation space is limited, as with forklifts.

Available sizes: Ø 170mm – Ø 440mm
Breaking torques: up to 25,000Nm


Available sizes: Ø 160mm – Ø 500mm
Breaking torques: up to 25,000Nm

Wedge actuated duplex

Wedge-actuated brakes

Wedge-actuated brakes are available as simplex and duplex versions]. Operation takes place via screwed-mounted pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. An additional parking brake function is possible with use of spring pack cylinders.

Wedge-actuated brakes are mainly used in commercial vehicle manufacture and are characterised by their fast response times. These brakes are well suited for use as part of ABS systems.

Available sizes: Ø 410mm – Ø 500mm
Breaking torques: up to 40,000 Nm

Spread lever

Spread lever brakes

Spread lever brakes are designed for actuation by a linkage or an external cable, and can
be used for both service and parking brake functions. With optionally integrated auto-reverse
function, these brakes are frequently used on lightweight trailers.

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