For your entire airport GSE braking needs,
KNOTT brakes is your choice

Airfield Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

KNOTT brakes has been supplying the civilian and the military airport vehicle and trailer for 40+ years. Our durable brakes provide reduced maintenance downtime, ensuring they give you same braking confidence, come snow, rain or shine!

Examples of our brake applications, for both civilian and the military include:

  • Aircraft Tow tractors with brakes powerful enough to accurately stop the heaviest, fully laden, aircrafts and freighters.
  • Smaller aircraft trailed generator sets and compressors have our brakes
  • Scissor lifts and conveyors allow the loading of baggage into aircrafts as well as large equipment into freighter aircraft. Our brakes rise to the occasion by allowing them to locate firmly in place whilst they carry out this precise operation.
  • Baggage tow tractors moving our suitcases speedily from/to aircraft before and after our flights. Our brakes ensure these road trains operate safely.

The future for airport GSEs?

The industry is at the forefront driving alternatively powered vehicles and autonomous systems. We are all for zero emissions and our brakes are evolving with the emerging trends in the industry. We are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint going forward and to help our customers do the same.

So contact us to discuss your project and we look forward to working with you.