KNOTT is now electricity producer

The still young king’s discipline of self-generation is the combination of photovoltaics with combined heat and power plants in large scale plant construction. KNOTT is at the forefront of this discipline.

The electricity from the sun is unrestrictedly available, unlike fossil fuels. This advantage is assured by KNOTT with the commissioning of a photovoltaic system. On the roof of KNOTT in Eggstätt, 3,094 modules with an output of 805 kilowatts produce at least 900 megawatt hours per year, which are used pro rata for the power supply of the company. This corresponds to about 25% of the annual requirement. Not only the green electricity is at the forefront, but the interaction of different energy producers. The combined heat and power unit at KNOTT operates in accordance with the principle of combined heat and power and refrigeration, and produces electricity, heat and cold, as well as an additional 200 kilowatts of electricity. In winter, the heat produced is used for heating and in summer the integrated absorption cooling unit is used to climate the production halls. A control software optimizes the interaction of the load profile with the electricity production from the photovoltaic system and the block-type thermal station. This ingenious energy management ensures the economy of the entire system.