Axles & Suspension Units

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Axle Assemblies / Rubber In Compression / Ease of Mounting /
Softride Axle / Hub Assemblies / Quality Materials / Capacities  
Independent Suspension Units / Special Build Options
Wheel & Tyres (also see Wheels & Tyres in Ancilliary Equipment)

Axles have been manufactured in the Knott-Avonride factory in South Wales for over 40 years offering rapid, made to measure axle solutions to trailer builder customers all over the World.

During this period Knott-Avonride Limited has become the UK's brand leader in the manufacture of top quality trailer suspension systems.

Our Suspension Products include the following :-
 - Two Types of Rubber in Compression Beam Axles
 - A Full Range of Beam Axles turned from Solid Bar
   (Up to a Capacity of 5000Kg for use with Leaf Springs)
 - A Full Range of Independent Suspension Units
 - Heavy Duty Rubber in Compression Axles
   (with a Capacity up to 3000Kg per Axle )
 - Tandem Axle Assemblies
 - T-Bar Chassis
 - Steering Axles
 - Lowering Axles (Ground Level Load)

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