Spreadlever Automatic Adjusting Brake

Knott has developed and Type Approved a Trailer Brake that automatically adjusts, ensuring that the Brakes are always at their optimal setting.



When fitted to a overrun braked trailer, the benefits include:-

  • A consistent smooth braking action every time due to short overrun linkage travel
  • All of the brake mounting dimensions are identical to the current brake version
  • Fully tested and EU approved : compliant to 71/320/EEC
  • Available as a refrofit kit for 200*50 and 250*40.
    See the LINK BELOW for further details
  • Easiliy and quickly installed : CLICK HERE for Fitting Instructions in our Comprenhensive Literature Section

In addition, select any Technical Video Presentation from those Listed Below.
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Self Adjusting Auto Reverse Brake (ANS) - Technical Overview (76 MB)

Self Adjusting Brake (ANS) - Steps to Upgrade - Overview (35MB)

Self Adjusting Brake (ANS) - Steps to Upgrade - Detail (199MB)

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