Trailer Air Disc Brake for 15" Wheel Rims


Any trailer manufacturer faced with the headache of squeezing a high-performance brake into a 15” wheel rim should look no further than the new KNOTT “PGS 15” Air Disc Brake to find a fascinating alternative to the otherwise customary array of drum brakes or hydraulic disc brakes.

An ingenious feature of this brake is the integration of a Bowden cable-actuated parking brake. The compact design is as simple as it is durable. It saves the need for a larger spring brake chamber close to the wheel, which is the key to the unmatched compactness of the brake.  

This is a extremely interesting new development, and not just for manufacturers of small construction machinery trailers: The PGS15 combines all the advantages inherent with disc brakes, from high braking output (the brake is currently approved for axle loads of up to 3.2 tons) through temperature stability to operating economy, whilst also offering the option of an integrated parking brake function.

Due to the brake’s excellent accessibility, the lining and discs can be exchanged in record time; the pot-shaped design of the brake disc even allows a disc change to be made without dismantling the hub.

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