Trailer Type Approval


Knott-Avonride Limited can supply certificates, test reports and documentation that can be used for all type approval applications.

Whether you are a volume manufacturer seeking EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval, National Approval or an Individual Approval for a one off trailer, our documentation will satisfy all your needs.

CLICK ON the Presentations BELOW to view our presentations on Trailer Type Approvals. These presentations were made by VCA and VOSA at the seminar hosted by Knott-Avonride Limited which took place at the Pirelli Stadium on 12th & 13th April 2011

Knott-Avonride Ltd Presentation O1 & O2 Trailer Types (596KB)
Knott-Avonride Ltd Presentation O3 Trailer Types (410KB)

VCA Presentation O1 & 02 Trailer Types (1133KB)
VOSA Presentation O1 & O2 Trailer Types (113KB)

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